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01 Vidyo - Installation from website


Installation of Vidyo

Posted to EUS Guides by Mr. Ziyaad Abdullah on 12 December 2017 15:24:36 | with 0 comments

CALL FOR PAPERS Quality Transformation – Meaning and Evaluation Edited by Alon Serper and Keyan Tomaselli The aim of the collection is to produce a clear, concrete and meaningful definition of the terms ‘transformation’ and ‘quality transformation’ by way of an interdisciplinary, dialectical and critical engagement with and enquiry into the meanings of these terms by different authors from various disciplines, universities and areas of practice. Authors from different disciplines, universities and areas of practice inquire into the concrete meanings of the terms ‘transformation’ and ‘quality transformation’. These authors include economists, natural and life scientists, sociologists, psychologists, environmentalists, anthropologists, innovators, politicians, philosophers, development study experts, human rights experts, educators, historians, political scientists and lawyers from the academy and different organisations. They reflect on their fields and their practice in it, and account for what these terms mean to them, how they think these terms should be approached, conceptualised, studied, evaluated and summoned up, and how these terms have been engaged with in their disciplines and in general. The authors also account for what these terms do not mean for them, and how these terms should not be approached, studied, assessed and summoned up. They look at the hindrances and mistakes that have been done in their fields and disciplines in regard to transformation and quality transformation, and how they can amend and solve them. They produce insights for public dialogue, debate and discussion on and methodological engagement with the type of transformation South Africa and the world need and how to achieve it, and what should and should not be done for the construction of a constructive and quality transformation in South Africa and elsewhere. The main rationale for producing this collection is that the linguistic term ‘transformation’ has become manipulated, overused, confused, abstracted, and non-problematised in South Africa. It was turned into an empty abstraction, at best, and a void and meaningless linguistic utterance and sign, at worst. The word ‘transformation’ is mentioned and reiterated repeatedly in public meetings and speeches, political discourse, and meetings between administrators and management and their staff and employees until it lost real meaning. The collection aims to address and amend this situation by critically engaging with, problematising, deconstructing, debating and reconstructing the terms ‘transformation’ and ‘quality transformation’ and producing real, concrete, meaningful and focused meanings into them and definitions of them. Required length: 5000 to 12000 words For more details please emails Please send abstracts and drafts to Alon Serper at

Apartheid entailed rules, laws, policies and ways of lives that ensured and secured the minority rule and domination of the whites over the non-whites for economic and domination reasons. It aimed to secure the ‘superiority’ and domination of the whites over the blacks and to preserve the inferiority, degradation and dependency of the non-whites by the whites in all spheres of life and practices. For centuries of colonialism, and particularly during the five decades of apartheid, whites benefited from considerable preference, preferential treatment and superior conditions, services and funding in all spheres and areas of life than the non-whites who were meant to serve the whites.

I would like to share with you something that my life partner and I working on.

Posted to Developing, Problematizing and Testing An Applied Dialectical Method in South Africa by Alon Serper on 04 November 2015 09:59:21 | with 0 comments

I received a license to publish and be an independent branch of Trébol Press in SA, an ethical publisher.


I have three ideas Literacy promotion and improvement and democratization through promotion and development of African languages:


i. creating a catalog of classic books and text books written in local languages


ii. working with South Africans on publishing their embodied, knowledge, life and living experiences, ontology etc.


iii. translations of African languages Authors will bear no expense whatsoever, will retain copyright, and get 50% of the profits, and close mentoring and support

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