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ICT has recently finalised a locally hosted video streaming solution called NNMU Tube. Upload pre-recorded video, stream live events, stream/record live events! Videos can be posted as general videos or videos linked to a module. Access to these videos is set to anonymous access (anybody with internet access), NMMU staff and students only, or to only students registered for the module related to the video.

The web frontend can be accessed at http://nmmutube.nmmu.ac.za



The latest videos can be seen on the home page. If you want to upload a video or stream an event, you have to log in first. Click on the Login option on the top right hand side of the page. Enter your NMMU username and password and select Log In.



Once you have been logged on successfully, the top menu options will change. The most important option is Upload Options.



You have 4 options available:

  1. Upload a video - this option will allow you to upload a pre-recorded video.
  2. Record a Live Stream - you can stream a live event AND record it.
  3. Record from a Webcam - you can record a video using your connected/built-in webcam
  4. Broadcast a Live Stream - you can stream a live event without recording it

Although I selected Upload a video, all of the options above have similar selections available.

Give your video a title. You can leave Module code blank if you are uploading a general video, The video will not be linked to any module. Tags are comma-delimited words that will help users find your video through keyword searches. You can enable/disable comments and select your restrictions. NMMU staff and students only:

  • No - visible to anybody with internet access
  • Yes - Only authenticated NMMU staff and students can view the video

If you selected Yes above, you restrict it even further to only students registered for the module code selected.


Browse to where the video is saved and select the Upload button when you are done.


You can find and edit your uploaded videos in the Media Library.



The second option, Record a live stream, will give you access to the networked cameras installed in some digitally enabled classrooms at the NMMU. You have to accept the disclaimer to continue and ALL CAMERA ACCESS IS LOGGED. An example of this usage can be seen in one of the uploaded videos.



Posted by Shaun Meyer on 13 March 2015 11:44:29

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