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ICT Services and IMS embarked on a project to enable technology in the classrooms. General use, bookable venues were identified and enabled.

The technologies include a fixed PC in the classroom and projectors capable of projection over the network. Not only will users be able to project across the network, they will also be able to project from their mobile devices. No more cables needed. Epson provides a mobile application, iProjection, for iOS and Android to connect to projectors capable of network projection. Users can install it to their devices from the app stores.


For Windows and Mac, Espon provides a software package called EasyMP Network Projection


The fixed PCs in the classrooms will be already be set up with the necessary software.


NMMU staff members with Windows devices can go the staff portal and select the Application catalogue link.


Once the application catalogue page has loaded, select EasyMP Network Projection and click on Install.


Click on YES to confirm the installation


The EasyMP Network Projection Setup will start.

·         Accept the License Agreement

·         Click Next to choose the default Destination Location

·         Click Finish to complete the installation


Find the EasyMP Network Projection software on your device. Select the program to start it.

·         Choose English as the Setup Language and click Next


·         Select Advanced Connection Mode


·         Select No not to disable the firewall


Projectors on your sub network will be automatically detected and listed. A user can also do a manual search and connect to projectors by name. One can connect up to 4 projectors at the same time. This tool will assist users with determining the name of projectors. 


Select the projector/s you want to connect to and select Connect. Your PC or device display will now be mirrored through the projector.


An EasyMP Network Projection toolbar will open up on the screen. From it you can stop, start, pause and make setting adjustments. You can also disconnect from the projector.





Posted by Shaun Meyer on 19 May 2015 15:36:36

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