RE: Ontology, epistemology, anthropology, politics and science cont Recent blog posts

RE: Ontology, epistemology, anthropology, politics and science cont

some comments on an ongoing anthropological debate

CUSAS Annual Marilyn Strathern Lecture, 30 May 2014

Eduardo Viveiros de Castro

Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro




Who is afraid of the ontological wolf ?


explaining the world of the other, but rather of multiplying our world, ‘filling it with all of those things expressed that do not exist beyond their15

Let me return here to the ‘one or several wolves‘ title of that last section. In

expression’ (Deleuze). Do not explain too much, do not try to actualise the possibilities




expression’ (Deleuze).

Anthropology’s role, then, is not that of world

immanent to others’ thought, but endeavour to sustain them as possible indefinitely.

p. 14

The selfdetermination of the other is the other-determination of the self.)

The Deleuzian moment in which the world of the Other does not exist beyond its expression transforms itself into an abiding condition, that is, a condition anthropological relation, which renders this possibility

Posted by Alon Serper on 16 July 2015 13:54:13

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