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I received a license to publish and be an independent branch of Trébol Press in SA, an ethical publisher.


I have three ideas Literacy promotion and improvement and democratization through promotion and development of African languages:


i. creating a catalog of classic books and text books written in local languages


ii. working with South Africans on publishing their embodied, knowledge, life and living experiences, ontology etc.


iii. translations of African languages Authors will bear no expense whatsoever, will retain copyright, and get 50% of the profits, and close mentoring and support

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Nic Wickens
THoughtful and interesting

Alon Serper
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Alon Serper
Thank you Sameera, Racism is inexcusable. There canno...

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It is always heartening to come across a non-mainstream vie...

Online Community Manager
These confessions pages are certainly a very interesting (i...


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