Settinng up an ethical publishing endeavour and education Recent blog posts

Settinng up an ethical publishing endeavour and education

I received a license to publish and be an independent branch of Trébol Press in SA, an ethical publisher.


I have three ideas Literacy promotion and improvement and democratization through promotion and development of African languages:


i. creating a catalog of classic books and text books written in local languages


ii. working with South Africans on publishing their embodied, knowledge, life and living experiences, ontology etc.


iii. translations of African languages Authors will bear no expense whatsoever, will retain copyright, and get 50% of the profits, and close mentoring and support

Authors will bear no expense whatsoever, will retain copyright, and get 50% of the profits, and close mentoring and support


The idea is to mentor South Africans, particularly from disadvantaged background, on having a publishable, clear, consistent, coherent, methodical, manuscripts, publish it.


Another things is to have catalogue of works in African languages and European translations of those works,, particularly classics.


Any collaboration and advise will be great. In particularly, I would like to explore with ways of liaising with those people who are already trying to promote or improve literacy and a cultural interest in reading/writing English and/or indigenous languages, and looking at printing, in particular print-on-demand, and seeing what kind of works are published and are publishable.


Also, Transformation through Dialectics will be the first book in a publishing development project that draws on the applied dialectical method.


There will be other books that use this method to critically engage with, theorise, re-evaluate and place concrete meanings into key terms, concepts, debates and political and socioeconomic-phenomena in the new South Africa.


The project will mentor and work with South Africans on producing, interesting, clear, coherent, methodical and publishable manuscripts of their ideas, viewpoints, researches, embodied and acquired knowledge, theories (explanations) of given phenomena and concepts, lived experiences, life stories, professional practices, learning and developments.


The dialectical method and approach that I am using for this book, and the learning acquired from doing the book on transformation will be used to redefine, explain and evaluate the meanings of linguistic words/signs such as ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, ‘justice’, ‘morality’ and ‘truth’ by interdisciplinary collections of authors from various fields, disciplines, interests, values and professional practices.Like transformation, these important terms for the democratisation of South Africa are hijacked and emptied of concrete meaning by politicians, administrators and mangers within their sloganeering, dictating and asserting what they take to be popular slogans in order to gain popularity.


The same applied dialectical method of producing edited collections on key linguistic terms in the new South Africa will be used to dialectically discuss, explain and evaluate socio-political problems and issues and ethical dilemmas in our time and the near future in both South Africa and globally.

Hence, a number of collections on the meanings and evaluation of words, concepts and issues used and discussed by politicians, managers and administrators and that are continuously in the media and public domain will be published by Trébol Press in a publishing development project.


I need to work out the model in a way that it will be ethical, and find out how to print the books economically and efficiently – ideally print-on-demand, and how not to make a financial loss, make a bit of money whilst not charging authors and enabling them to retain their copyright and make a bit of money too.

Posted by Alon Serper on 05 October 2015 18:16:03

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Nic Wickens
THoughtful and interesting
15/04/2018 14:35:10

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