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populist assertions and dialectic enquiry

The Management Executive Committee of Transformation somewhere

asserts that one of its objectives is “ Seeking value in those who differ from us instead of criticising and judging"


Either or - instead


Criticize and judge have bad connotation of dismissal degradation and dehumanisation


This is a problem as one needs to critically judge in an engaging and dialectical manner in order to co-enquire and work together with the diverse on qualitative transformation of all and the united but this is not popular as the world is still propositional and embedded in debate to win and outweigh the alternatives - contradictions - instead of dialogue and critically engage and appraise/judge to improve, create a poiesis and qualitatively transform


Instead of populist Assertions on avoiding judgement and criticism, let us co-enquire  



How do we critically engage and judge dialectically in order to heed, learn, help the other reflect and work at self-understanding and qualitatively transform, and enable reflection and self-reflection? And propositionally to dismiss, out-weight and discard?


One can seek value in and critically engage and judge diverse others – critically evaluate is a valuable act of enabling enquiry, co-enquiry and improvement provided the sides heeding and co-enquiring together with the rules of dialectical dialogue


All these texts, working papers need to be debunked and engaged with and analysed and concretized – filled with concrete meanings of analysis, reflections, co-reflections and dialogued


Posted by Alon Serper on 17 September 2015 10:14:53

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