Testing the theorised applied dialectical method in South Africa Recent blog posts

Testing the theorised applied dialectical method in South Africa

I worked out the theorized applied dialectical method for the study and conceptualization of human beings, human existence, the human subject and human societies, through the praxis of individuals working on qualitatively transforming of their wellbeing, personal satisfaction and quality of life and groups and societies working on transforming their practices of a democracy of and for all in dignity, humanity, wellbeing, growth and equality in the U.K and Israel and came to South Africa to test the theories and ideas in the new South Africa




The new South Africa has offered me one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic laboratories to test my idea of a qualitative dialectical transformation of human dignity and the re-humanization of oppressed human beings. 

The history, psychology, sociology and anthropology is very unique in relation to other places, societies and countries. 

The anti-thesis of a society and country where the minority oppresses, dehumanizes and degrades the majority and its working to transform itself to the thesis of a participatory democracy of and for all in dignity, humanity, growth, empowerment and wellbeing and equality is most eminent in South Africa. 

The millennia and centuries of immigrations, colonization and replacement of cultures has created a very unique place where the outsider cannot but feel an intense sensation of insecurity, being overwhelmed and a culture shock whilst also humbleness, whilst wondering what is going on and why. 


I do anthropological reflection and compare South Africa with the other countries and context I worked and lived in.  I reflect on my experiences in South Africa and what I feel here and compare it to what I experienced elsewhere.


Posted by Alon Serper on 22 April 2014 16:39:03

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