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I am using Francis Fukuyama’s (1992). The End of History And the Last Man to show the importance of dialectical tension and use and fusion of contradictions and the clash between them

Traditional courses and higher education are about passing the courses and the syllabus and curriculum of the course.

There are lectures, seminars and reading materials that are designed to do this.

South African youngsters go through an extremely difficult time when they come to universities.  They are overwhelmed and find it hard to adjust and cope. 


The first months are awful for them.They feel isolated, lonely and shocked.  They have no clue what is going on.


What can we do about so as not to lose them?

I want to avoid sessions where the arrival at university  will be thrown information at them as they passively wonder around overwhelmed and confused.


I want to find a way for them to share interesting accounts of concepts that they are expert in and which can very easily be transformed into academic accounts and skills. 


I want to create sessions where the students will be able to share things they know well from their experiential, personal, tacit and embodied knowledge that we can easily transform together to academic knowledge, language, practices, disciplines, methodologies and methods.                          For example:                                   

Death and mourning, funerals , tradition, what is done and how it is done.   How it works in practice?



The two sides have gone so mad to the extent of displaying anger and disgust when people "dare" to mourn the death of the children of the other side "enemy".  He/she who dares  reminding that a child is a child and the other side mourns its own children is called a "traitor", "an insane lefty/liberal" and other insults.


Only we have the right to mourn our children.  Only our children count.  The other side's children are just numbers, "collateral damage", the fault of those beasts who shoot at Israel. How dare you mention Palestinian children die in their hundreds? Look at this beautiful child? Look at what those animals did? They killed this child deliberately.  Those Palestinian  children die when hamas used them as human shields.  It is not our fault.  We are only protecting our children, like this beautiful one.   


Meanwhile children are gone, no more.


Racism and euro-centrism is also displayed


A European child, with light complexion, skin, eyes and hair.  What is he doing among the 'barbarians' "darkies"?  How many "darkies" non-European looking is he worth?  I am being cynical, and hurtful.


The eyes and innocence of those children haunt me for days now.  I am functioning very badly.


The children become pawns in the game.  Part of political and nationalistic discourse.  They lost their identities and lives in all possible ways.  They are nationalized and internationalized.  They become part of propaganda games, narrative games, language game.

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