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Dialectical tension

I am being criticized for responding harshly and critiquing.  There is a tendency to see dialectics as an 'inclusional'  interaction that is warm and pleasant for the participants.  This is not my dialectics.

My dialectics is based on a creative tension and crisis that is delved inside, analyzed and utilized for the transformation, learning and improvement on wellbeing. 


The trick is not to be overwhelmed and destroyed by the feeling of creative tension - that is very unpleasant and destabilizing - but to critically reflect on what is happening and use.


The trick is also to learn to distinguish between a destructive tension and crisis that intends to destroy, invalidate and eliminate and a constructive one that intends as an education to learn from and transform/improve.


Understanding the difference and the creative tension and how to use it constructively for betterment and qualitative transformation.


An interaction and relationship - which the relationship and interaction with oneself - that is indulging and self-indulging and warm and sweet is not a dialectical one - nor for that matter an educational, epistemological or ontological.  It is not even cathartic or authentic.   It is a Sartrean mouvaise foi or bad faith of inauthenticity.


Understanding and delving inside crises - even creating one for this sake is important.


I am not suggesting insulting other people and being sadistic or masochistic.  I am suggesting going head to head with the crises, understand it and the tension and work through it so as to learn, engage, qualitatively transform and improve. 


My old PhD website is all about that - And is at




Posted by Alon Serper on 03 July 2014 09:17:16

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