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Propaganda and indoctrination


In my post on values,-Problematizing-and-Testing-An-Applied/July-2014/More-reflections-on-values I wrote


Some people are indoctrinated by their community to take and adopt values and views and are raised accordingly.  They do not take the opportunity to scrutinize, test and evaluate both the values they share with their community and the contradictory values for this considered to be a betrayal of the community, family, country and ethnic identity.



Human beings live in communities and families and are raised and influenced by families and communities who themselves were raised by their communities and families according to shared collective history, traditions, values, where they are, have been and want to be.  They are told specific things, stories/narratives, that the tellers were also told, and carry out specific customs, rituals and traditions that make them feel part of a collective identity. 


No one likes to be alienated by the community, live on his/her own and be disapproved by the community in which he/she lives.  We all seek the acceptance, approval and love of the community among which we live our lives and our search for wellbeing.  It is comfortable and pleasant to be part of a collective community, share a collective identity, story (narrative).  Everything is value-laden.  Back to square one: who is more right? whose values are superior/inferior?


Some of us when we grow up, realize that there are other stories to the phenomena we live in a world that we share with other communities - the World.  We begin to see and realize contradictory interpretations of the stories we were told, and other stories, values, theories, doctrines and ideas that often contradict everything we were told. 


We begin to see stories and discourses where there is no God, or organised religious faith.  This shocks us when we grow up and raised in a religious community and family and raised according to the bible and religious texts.  We begin to see stories that tell us that our side is not absolutely right and that there is another side that suffers as a result of the story and actions, beliefs and values of our side. This shocks us too. We either dismiss these stories offhand as dangerous and false or begin to think about the contradiction. Which in itself is a very disturbing and uncomfortable practice that shakes us ontologicaly 

Some begin to criticise and critically engage with the contradictions. We take risks.  We form, reform revisit and revise our values from the contradictions. We communicate and dialogue with the contradictory story.  The communication usually takes the form of shouting the contradictory position at the other side.  Some people begin to really listen to the contradictory position in a real desire and intention to at lease comprehend it and stop just dismissing it.  We then look at ways of respecting and acknowledging the other side in the understanding that all human beings have the right for dignity, humanity, wellbeing, growth and empowerment. 


But then this is liberal values in their own right. Many will disagree, unfortunately to me, the liberal who holds liberal values.  They will say that liberalism is wrong and that God said...the other side just wants to throw us into the sea and bring evidence for what they saying to back up their saying.  This contradicts my values.  Many repeat the community's narrative as they live there and want to feel accepted and to continue living there well and meaningfully.


What do we do?  Does everything falls into and within the infinitive regress of value-laden and values-embodied thinking and discursive narrative?


Is  everything I say or do is laden with my secular liberal values of dignity, humanity, equality, wellbeing, growth and empowerment to all at all times.  The contradiction sickened and disturbs me to the core of my being.



Posted by Alon Serper on 17 July 2014 09:30:16

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