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Concluding Giroux

A blog is personalized and embodied - how is it relevant to me and my work and this blog on the development of an applied method of qualitatively transforming individuals and societal wellbeing and growth/empowerment

We learnt from Giroux how important the culture of critical thinking  is for our wellbeing, humanity and dignity and for democracy.  A democracy cannot exist without dignity, humanity and wellbeing for all.  A culture that jeopardies critical thinking, equality and humanity is anti-democracy.  Rather than democracy, it is the opposite of a democracy.  It is an oppression, fascism and dictatorship. 


The overwhelming obsession with money is destructive.  It destroys morality, basic compassion and solidarity among human beings that are absolutely essential for a democracy.  It turns human beings into savages that tear and devour each others' flash to pieces to the cheers of the few greedy oligarchs who just want to increase their fortune just for the sake of having more and more and more.


The message is

Resist, study history, think critically, challenge and do not let anyone indoctrinate you and tempt you with a honey trap.  Be human - compassionate, kind and considerate to others. 


This blog deals with the development of an applied dialectical method of qualitatively transforming individuals and societal wellbeing through cycles of dialectical critical reflections and dialogues in the course of which the participants work out ways of qualitatively transforming and reversing degradation, dehumanization and oppression into greater dignity, humanity, wellbeing and democracy.  This is done by reflecting critically and then  dialoguing with critical friends on the meanings of democracy and its anti-thesis (autocracy and oligarchy) and improving the dialectical action plans.


What Giroux is saying is important for this blog.

Posted by Alon Serper on 02 June 2014 13:19:14

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