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Abandoning the teaching of subjects at schools

by Alon Serper - Tuesday, 24 March 2015, 8:59 AM


here is my gist of it


"Instead, the Finns are teaching phenomena—such as the European Union, which encompasses learning languages, history, politics, and geography...


No more of an hour of history followed by an hour of chemistry. The idea aims to eliminate one of the biggest gripes of students everywhere: “What is the point of learning this?” Now, each subject is anchored to the reason for learning it...


The new system is much more collaborative, forcing teachers from different areas to come up with the curriculum together."


This is a good start.  We need to connect it to current emotion-laden and embodied knowledge issues:  And of course, for me, the propositional cannot work and the dialectical is far superior epistemologically, ontologically and educationally.


Hence my exercises from yesterday as the issues of colonialism leads to emotions firing up:


Emotions without knowledge and critical analysis and dialectical scrutiny leads to indoctrination and exploitation and a feudal system of those who use the emotions without analysis and critical engagement, formulating questions, enquiring, co-enquiring and working at improving individuals’ lives using everything we have





What is Africa?

What is South Africa?

Where is Africa? sub-Sahara, from the Sahara onwards, from the Suez Canal and the red sea onwards, between the Atlantic and the Indian oceans, why is that?

When were the constructs “Africa” and “Sub-Africa” put together, by whom?, what are those words mean? Why? What was there before?

Are they the best constructs for today's world and the flourishing of those who live in these constructs?

What are the best constructs for the inhabitant of the constructs?

What are the alternatives to the "Africa" and "South Africa" constructs


history, politics, geography, geo-sciences, linguistics, languages anthropology, psychology, sociology, science, etc.


Reading lists are offered by the participants.  Reading groups led by participants, individuals collaborating and co-enquiring together.


See this post in context

Posted by Alon Serper on 24 March 2015 09:25:18

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