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oppression, dominance and transformation

On the oppressed oppressor. 


On the freedom of being oppressed. 


On the fear of the oppressor which becomes irrational and assumes a construct of its own. The oppressed constructs a narrow perception of the and his/her world.  He/she will defend this self-made construct with his/her life.  Challenging it means a shift of values and consequently identity and ontology.  He/she will cease to be him/her, be launched into an ontological dread of complete identity and ontology crises, not knowing who he/she is and what he/stands for (embodied values and self-knowledge and knowledge of the world).




Amos Oz and other liberal Israelis argue that not securing the two state solutions means an Arab state that will be a horrific place to live in.

Israel is a defined entity of a collective ethnicity (Jewish) that thrives together.


Their argument is wholly propositional and demonstrates the fallacy of the propositional logic and the superiority of the dialectical logic over it.



Also linguistic constructs, what do they mean? dialoguing on the meanings of dignity, freedom, wellbeing, empowerment, fulfillment and how to live and let live







If not two states then one, if not a Jewish state then an Arab state, Arab state  is bad for Jews. Jewish state bad for Arabs. 


dialectically - let's think of transforming the situation

How to improve the situation





Arab, Jewish, Jews, state are linguistic constructs


A place of and for all its inhabitants in dignity, humanity ,democracy, respect, wellbeing, fulfillment and empowerment for all. Every individual will define himself/herself and not be defined

It is a difficult and intense dialogue the above embodied propositional assertions of living in an Arab state is awful for a Jew are embedded ontologically.  Israelis take them granted.  The idea of no longer being a majority in their own Jewish state is a taboo, it is an existential threat, or it means apartheid which is synonym for an evil autocracy. Is that the only possibility?

Challenging them require an ontological shift and shock that will only then, if linger and staying with, rather than move to an attack and dismissal, lead to a qualitative transformation.  Only then the oppressor be free, open to other possibilities.


 The oppressed is freer to challenge.  He/she has far more little to lose.  His/her ontological shift is from oppressed to something else, ideally not oppressed.



  The oppressed therapeutically supports the oppressor, takes him/her by the hand and the two move together hand in hand to the sun set.


Posted by Alon Serper on 12 March 2015 10:36:39

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