Quantitative and qualitative methods of testing and analysing  Recent blog posts

Quantitative and qualitative methods of testing and analysing

Quantitative and qualitative methods of testing and analysing

The research uses and inculcates quantitative qualitative research methods and analysis.


Quantitative research measures and quantifies the causes and effect of variables on other variables for significance.  Significant means beyond chance and probability.  Chance and probability is alpha level that is normally set at 0.05 level of chance.  Hence below this level means beyond chance or probability and hence significant effect.  Above this level means that it can be attributed and is above chance and probability and therefore insignificant.


Qualitative is the a description of the value of the interaction of the tested variables.  What does it mean? placing content, value and quality in the reasons for what had happened and the experiences of the participants of what is researched. 

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Posted by Alon Serper on 05 May 2014 11:34:08

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