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Research questions

I need to validate and demonstrate my theorized applied dialectical method as an actual empirical method that is physically and concretely there.


Here are questions I am exploring empirically


I am using myself as a subject (an embodiment) to test the ideas on

Have I qualitatively transformed the way I interact with other people as a result of following, applying and doing the theorized applied dialectical method?


How do people experience my interaction with them?


Is my interaction with other people dialogical (enriching, pleasant, educational, engaging and trustful), dialectical (transforming, formulating suitable questions and transforming reflections), or one-sided domination (imposing and alienating)?


Have I qualitatively transformed my ontological being in, with and towards the world as a result of following, applying and doing the theorized applied dialectical method of studying and conceptualizing human beings through them working on qualitatively transforming their lives and wellbeing?


Is there a clear transformation (clear evidence for it) as a result of my doing the applied dialectical steps and method (dialectical reflective and dialogical enquiring, fusing contradictions and action plans followed by reflective and dialogical evaluation)?

Posted by Alon Serper on 08 May 2014 08:33:13

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