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Celebrating success at NMMU's Research, Teaching and Engagement Awards

Teaching and Learning is as valued as Research at NMMU, as the university's academics are recognised for excellent work at the 2013 annual awards ...

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 06 September 2013 13:06:29 | with 0 comments

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University played host to the first 5km Color Run in Africa, exposing the university up to 9000 runners - and some, since the visual, feel-good event also attracted national media coverage ... 

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 02 September 2013 15:29:51 | with 0 comments

Everyone has a story to tell. Many are worthy of repetition because of the values, life lessons and tenacity of the human spirit they embody as was the case with the stories shared at an NMMU alumni function, titled Reflections.

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 29 August 2013 11:42:22 | with 0 comments

"We love you, Coach ..."

Chelsea Haith shares why winning the table-tennis for NMMU at this year's Intervarsity was so important ...

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 19 August 2013 16:47:09 | with 0 comments

Abe Bailey Travel Bursary finalists ... be inspired

If you are losing hope about South Africa's future, especially in light of what isn't happening at our municipality, please do yourself a favour and watch the YouTube video footage - - of NMMU's three Abe Bailey Travel Bursary finalists. They're an instant pick-me-up. They're students of whom we can be very proud.   

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 14 August 2013 14:45:11 | with 0 comments

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