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Careers Fair

At NMMU we sell dreams ... particularly dream careers, which is why the annual NMMU Careers Fair is an important event in the university calendar.  

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 01 August 2013 14:50:28 | with 0 comments

Diversity Month at NMMU

Our rainbow mix of colours and offerings are being showcased at NMMU in August during Diversity Month, an initiative that continues to grow in size and variety ...    

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 05 August 2013 14:24:52 | with 0 comments

Beating the blubber

The facts don't lie. We're bursting at the seams with two-thirds of South African women overweight and 25% of our population eating a high-sugar and fat diet (Tim Noakes will not be surprised) ... but are we doing anything about it? Let's see what's happening at NMMU.      

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 08 August 2013 13:15:25 | with 0 comments

Abe Bailey Travel Bursary finalists ... be inspired

If you are losing hope about South Africa's future, especially in light of what isn't happening at our municipality, please do yourself a favour and watch the YouTube video footage - - of NMMU's three Abe Bailey Travel Bursary finalists. They're an instant pick-me-up. They're students of whom we can be very proud.   

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 14 August 2013 14:45:11 | with 0 comments

"We love you, Coach ..."

Chelsea Haith shares why winning the table-tennis for NMMU at this year's Intervarsity was so important ...

Posted to Life@NMMU by Debbie Derry on 19 August 2013 16:47:09 | with 0 comments

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