Aisec Student Apprenticeship Challenge info meeting invite Recent blog posts

Aisec Student Apprenticeship Challenge info meeting invite

Aisec Student Apprenticeship Challenge info meeting invite
South African Graduates Development Association (SAGDA) is a non profit organisation which its main objective is to prepare students for the world of work and empower graduates to actively participate in the mainstream economy of our country and the globe.

SAGDA partners with private and public Universities, FET colleges, Sector Education and Training Authorities, municipalities and companies to champion the empowerment of graduates through high impact programmes.

HI there, as part of the AIESEC Student Apprentice Challenge of 2013 we invite members of Connect@NMMU to join us at our infiltration session on the 2013/08/28 in building 40005, we have invited a rep from SAGDA (South African Graduates Development Association, to speak to us. PLEASE JOIN US!!!! thank you. for more follow link

Posted by Bongiwe Matodlana on 27 August 2013 14:36:22
Filed under: Sagda

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