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s211187925 - 03/07/2014 11:00:33
Purchasing of Tablets/Laptops with Nfas book allowance

The move to allow students to use their book allowance to purchase laptops and tablets is great. however the products on offer from van schaik (george campus) is not of great quality and overpriced. 

we can only buy product from approved vendors or rather vendors listed on the merchant list and they often ask inflated prices. I would like to have more freedom of choice to buy products from vendors that are reputable, more cost - effective and offer after sale service. 

There is the ( which offer products to students from the manufacturers with office and windows 8 included, with hardware specifications that put the offerings of van schaik to shame. yet to buy from them u need to utilize your personal bank account to transfer the purchse amount meaning you cant use the nfas option to partly fund the purchase. 

Why arent they or other retailers not being considered as they offer better service and value because at the end we are the ones paying for it?



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