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s209406011 - (10/02/2012 11:23:19)
AcerEdu discounts

Is anyone else not impressed at all by the AcerEdu discounts? Every notebook for sale can be purchased either for less (R1600 less in the case of the most expensive model) or at very similar prices from major online retailers in SA. The bundled Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010 Professional are way more than what students require. Windows 7 Pro is aimed at enthusiasts and small business users, and the vast majority of students only require Word, Excel and Powerpoint (and Open Office is a competent and free alternative).

According to AcerEdu, they had no say in what hardware and software was bundled - the universities chose everything. The universities must have known that price is everything to students, yet they demand software that isn't suitable for students and is worth about as much as the hardware.

Another thing, it seems that Microsoft has massively discounted their software, yet the Acer prices are an arm's length from recommended retail prices. Why couldn't Acer come to the party?

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