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    How To Join GK FAQs

    How to Join Golden Key - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: How do I join Golden Key?

    A: Do the following stages;

    1. Accept your invitation online (use your unique acceptance code sent to you on invitation)
    2. Make the payment using your preferred method
    3. Send proof of payment to (This stage is not necessary if you accept your invitation online first, and then insert the ‘Reference’ correctly upon making payment. However, do this stage if you do not get confirmation email within 2 hours of making payment)

    Q: How do I accept my membership online?

    A: Do the following;

    • Visit and click “Click to Join”
    • Enter your Personalised Online Acceptance Code which you received.
    • Click “Continue”
    • Complete the On-line Membership Profile Form and click “Save”
    • If you want to do an internet funds transfer then you may proceed to do the payment online, otherwise quit and use the details below to make the payment;
    • E-mail proof of payment or Internet Banking Confirmation

    Note: If you put the correct reference, you may not need to send this proof of payment since the system will automatically pick it up and allocate the payment to you (see for details of making the payment below)

    Q: How do I make my payment of the once-off membership fee?

    A: Here is what how to do it;

    Payment options:

    Direct Cash Deposit OR Electronic Funds Transfer OR Internet/On-line Banking

    Banking details:

    ABSA, Menlyn Branch Code: 632005
    Cheque Account Number: 405 1611 339
    Reference: First Name and Surname {VERY IMPORTANT}

    Once-off Membership Fee:

    • R475.00 (incl. VAT)


    • R560.00 (incl. VAT) + optional lapel pin

    Q: If I have accepted my invitation online, is that sufficient to confirm my membership into Golden Key?

    A: No, you need to make the payment using the details above, after which, you will receive the confirmation email (see below)

    Q: I received the email with subject: PLEASE RETAIN: Golden Key Membership Confirmation & Membership Number – xxxxxxx. What does it mean?

    A: This is an email to confirm that your payment has been received and your membership has been confirmed. You just have to make sure that you RSVP for the New Member Ceremony on 03 May (You can do this on the website – see below)

    Q: I have accepted my invitation online, paid the membership fee and sent my proof of payment to, but I have not received the confirmation email. Should I get worried that I will not successfully join Golden Key?

    A: No, you just need to wait for the confirmation email; even after the deadline it may come. This may have been caused by: You making payment before you accept your invitation online; OR You not inserting your correct name and surname as reference when you made the payment. Alternatively, resend your proof of payment, with your Name and Surname in the email


    Q: How do I RSVP for the New Member Ceremony?

    A: Go to Golden Key website and under Important Dates click NMMU - New Member Ceremony (RSVP). Or you can use this direct link:

    Q: Do I receive any communication after I RSVP to attend the New Member Ceremony?

    A: No, as long as your RSVP is submitted successfully, that is okay.

    Q: How do I log on to the Golden Key International Honour Society website:

    A: Use your GK Membership Number that you received in your membership confirmation email (see above)

    Q: What if I cannot make it to the New Member Ceremony on 03 May?

    A: If you have joined and received a confirmation email; your certificate will be available for collection on campus (NMMU South Campus) on or after the day of the ceremony. Check our facebook page or follow us on twitter for more details.


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