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    Subcoms - Christian Lifestyle

    Health and Temperance 


    1. Sr. Kholiswa Mvumvu (Mizana-leader)
    2. Bro. Twiza
    3. Bro. Lovemore
    4. Bro. Chuma

    Year Planner

    The subcommittees propose to do the following the following:

    • Provide cooking lessons, for the SDASM members these cooking lessons will be provided by selected personal, which the subcommittee will finalizes negotiations with.
    • In this the subcommittee plans to ask the SDASM member to join this cooking club for a minimum subscription fee of R30.00 for the whole year this fee will help with the buying of the food and also the paying of the electrical units used at a particular location that these cooking lessons shall be held.
    • At the end of the year the subcommittee plans to award the members with certificates for the completion of the cook course.
    • As the subcommittee we plan to compile a recipe book and publish (sell) the book with all the health recipes for a purchase of a small price, this price will cover the cost of making this book and the remaining fund will be a contribution to the SDASM fund.
    • The subcommittee proposes to have health and temperance days at least once a semester to which they will or have a guest present to the church, point that shall be talked about include some of the following:
      • Tithe, offering and seeding
      • How to be a good steward.

    Health lessons will be given at least once a month topics to be addressed include: dress, food, body and spirit.


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