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    Subcoms - Public Relations


    1. Sr. Hlomela Bucwa (Leader)
    2. Sr. Siphe Masango


    Our main objective is to try to promote and establish the relationship between SDASM and the public at large.


    Posters, fliers and programmes

    We prepare and issue posters, fliers and programmes for all the major events held by SDASM.


    It is also our due responsibility as the PR Subcom to request articles from SDASM members and members from the general public and from the articles submitted compile an annual SDASM newsletter.


    We as PR are also in charge of ensuring that each year has its own unique SDASM T-shirts. It is therefore our duty to make all the arrangements pertinent to this.

    The T-shirts are sold to all interested SDASM members at a fair and affordable price as our intention is not make a profit.


    The creation of the website is not our task as it requires a person with a special skill. (Preferable an IT student).

    Our concern with regards to the website is to make sure that it is informative and it meets the needs of the users.


    The responsibility of promoting and publicising the society to the public rests on our shoulders.

    Video recording

    We make arrangements for the video recording of events and functions that require recording.


    Cell: 0745521063

    Now that you have heard what we do please feel free to contact us about any suggestions you might have or if you want to place an order for the sdasm wear.

    Much Love from HloHlo.

    NOTE: The functions listed above to be a success require commitment and co-operation between PR members, SDASM members and the members of the general public at large and without this commitment and co-operation it’s highly likely that they fail.


Telephone: 041-504 1111 | Fax: 041-504 2574 / 2731 | E-mail:

PO Box 77000 | Nelson Mandela University | Port Elizabeth | 6031 | South Africa