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    Subcoms - Sabbath School


    • Sr. Gugu (Leader)
    • Sr. Sivuyisiwe

    Mission and Objectives


    • The mission of the Sabbath school is to be a system of the SDASM religious education that builds faith and practice.


    • The Sabbath school has four specific objectives
      1. Study the word
      2. Fellowship
      3. Community outreach
      4. World mission emphasis
    • These four objectives are the basis for every activity of the Sabbath School

    Leadership Structure and duties

    • Superintendent - Robert Masango
    • Assistant Superintendent –Mlindi Ntloko
    • Personal Ministries - Baxolile Mdaka
    • Secretary - SalindaSaki

    Weekly Programs

    • It is the desire of the Sabbath school department to focus a day on a specific theme so that the subject of that particular day can be studied in depth. This will in turn arm the members of the department with the necessary knowledge on that definite subject.


    • Ushers will assist deacons and deaconesses with shepherding of members especially visitors in and around the church.

    The Sabbath school presenters

    • Keeping in line with objectives of the Sabbath school department presenters of the Sabbath school program will be encouraged to be creative spontaneous adventurous ambitious goal driven and to be visionary when they are to present the Sabbath school but still maintain the main purpose of the Sabbath school.


    • Adult class
      • This is referred to as the main class and it is the wish of the Sabbath school department to maintain the full image of this class keeping in mind that we do have some senior members and those senior at heart in our society. It is vital to adhere to normal church proceedings to preserve the image of SDA on the secular campus worship.
    • Collegiate
      • The desire of the Sabbath school department is to establish this particular class and maintain it to its full purpose. Members who fall within a certain age group will be encouraged to attend this particular class.
    • Bible Class
      • This is the heart of the church where all the doctrines and fundamental beliefs are taught and articulated. It is the duty of the Sabbath school department to maintain a high degree of supervision in this area to ensure that its main purpose is strongly adhered to. The primary objective of the bible\baptismal class is to equip new and old members with the gospel of truth and to enlighten potential converts with this Gospel.


    • Visitors are a great asset of the church and need to be treated with special care. Keeping statement in mind visitors need to be natured by welcoming them, giving them complimentary gifts like pencils, writing materials, literature and/or greeting cards . These are just acts of acknowledging our visitors through ushering and making necessary follow ups by calling them.


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