Twelve Apostles’ Students Association is a faith-based organisation for all the students at all levels of education determined to the ideals of Christianity as endorsed by the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, spiritual purification, deliverance and enlightenment, restoration of peace and unity, human wellness and morality, the spiritual preparedness of one human race for the Kingdom of God, universal bona fide citizenship, communal transformation for all, sustainable development, human empowerment, promotion of education, and to the living and non-living preservation. It serves under the policies, programmes, and the dogma of the Twelve Apostles as pertinent to Twelve Apostles Church in Christ and its existence derives from the divine creation of TACC.

    In acknowledging the fundamental human rights enshrined globally, TASA is devoted to the establishment of a unified, harmonised, non-sexist, non-racial, and prosperous nation free of all-sort malpractices that shall breed an everlasting divine kingdom for human wellness. It relies on the staunch students of TASA, including the TASA alumni, to assume a proactive, obedient and faithful role as the mouthpiece of the Christian gospel, in empowering our communities through capacity building, in optimising the students’ potential through the provision of the felt required skills, in enabling our one multi-diverse nation to nurture and retain its reconciliation and unification emerging fruits, in shielding and protecting the young generation against the influential future-ruining forces through the enlightenment of the educational opportunities availed, and in fostering their budding talents and career goals.

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