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This group will discuss issues around branding in general and also the NMMU brand.
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This is one of the common questions asked and I enjoy sharing what I have read and experienced explaining what a brand is.

Think about it, you probably use one brand of toothpaste every morning (I hope), you probably go from one supermarket to the next if your usual store is out of stock, well that’s what we describe as being emotionally attached to the brand. It might be any brand, cool-drink, shoes, cologne, etc.

What I’m trying to illustrate is how we cannot live without brands.

Some people consider themselves brands, there is some truth to this in the sense that you must deliver what you promise, eerr, yes you must. Just like a Magnum Ice Cream promises you indulgence after you’ve gobbled one, the person who considers themselves a brand must deliver a promise.

So, a brand is more than a logo, more than a name, more than an identity and more than a product. Brands connect with people - users, consumers, fans, etc. Brands connect by being truthful and open.

Brands ignite passion, and it doesn't matter whether it is a human being or a product.

So, what is the number one requirement all brands should have? The brand’s actions must match their promises and their words must be reliable.
21 June 2011 16:07:13

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