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Social Work Society

SOCIAL WORK SOCIETY strive to achieve the following:

  1. Promote interaction, communication and team spirit amongst 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students.
    • Team building activities- fun and games
    • Coming together and sharing information- about ourselves and the profession
    • Trips e.g. to the beach- “bring and share”
    • Constructive discussions and debate e.g. approaches to social welfare and social issues
  2. Promote and create opportunities where students can grow and develop
    • Invite speakers to share their wisdom and experience with us; and motivate us as students
    • Establish Mentoring programme for Social Work Students
    • Discussions about social Work modules e.g. studying strategies, and other necessary skills
    • Prize giving- both student and lectures
  3. Represent Social Work Students in all matters that are affecting them, especially on their academics
    • Social Development Scholarship
    • Liaise between the students, our department, and the institution (NMMU)
  4. To instill and claim the dignity and respect that our profession (Social Work) deserves
    • Being actively involved in issues that concerns Social Work in and outside NMMU e.g. human right day, family day, creating awareness, etc.
    • Through outreach programmes
    • through our actions
    • uplifting and implementing Social Work Values and principles everywhere
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Guys Share with us what have you done in your 67 minuts

24 July 2012 21:38:00

Dears students


We received the report we were waiting for from Intellicard.

There are many students who still have funds in their book pocket to purchase books for this semester.


Students who need over and above what is left on their card must please bring an invoice to Financial Aid by Monday, 13 August, so as to sign another contract to cover the required amount. We have a cut-off date for submitting the contracts to NSFAS.


Would you please pass this message on?


From Mrs Heck Office




S. Singatha

29 July 2012 22:23:14


If i stay here i will surely die, if i go back i will sre die but if i go forward i will only die

25 May 2012 07:45:54

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