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There's Light in the Eastern Cape
About Empowerment & Inspiration of the Eastern Capeans This is an initiative to inspire the Eastern Capeans to open their eyes and see that there's life in Eastern Cape. It is in abundance. There are opportunities in this place, but you can see them only if you open your spiritual eyes. We are the most blessed Province. There are opportunities everywhere- Agriculture& Farming Entertainment, Commu...nity-Building Projects, Boxing, Entrepreneurship! Don't run away, this place needs you!!! To Inspire the Eastern Cape citizens to take advantage of the opportunities hidden in this place! To encourage those who ran away to come back and be the light in this province! Buyel'ekhaya! Email
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Please join this Group on Facebook.!/groups/186633184719028/
10 September 2011 20:58:35

Me & U can be part of the development of this place. We have the tools to assist Community projects like these. We have access to internet, emails, Facebook which we can use to help in marketing , creating awareness of our communities about local projects. We can inspire nations, businessmen& women by being part of the Entrepreneurial development.

I don't know how u could help but surely there's a way!
10 September 2011 20:51:20

The Eastern Cape is full of many possibilities! These possibilities can be unlocked by you! Be part of the Winning Team. Eastern Cape is Rich!
10 September 2011 20:49:51

Children are a perfect Gift from God. I pray that we may always take very good care of them. Teach them, love them and provide condusive environment for their learning. Lord , show us how You Love them so that we cn adore them too.
Be the Change-Agent here in the Eastern Cape! Make a difference to One Child in Eastern Cape and change their life for the better!
10 September 2011 20:54:09

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