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As grown man, at this time, indeed you have travelled a lot, and you studied, you have achieved, working hard it is one of the things you have done, in your travelling to different bounderies of the earth, what did you learn from different people that are in different culture, race, diversity, languages etc you have met. You are still holding on, working doing those travelling. I have one question for you, at my age now I am only 22 years old, I do not know that much besides the information that I have been told, and the skills that I been equiped with here at NMMU, but sooner or later I will go to the work place and "show what I am made of", The question is: During your career including your schooling, university or college life, what can you I dentify and say it was the most challenging for you, achieving to you what does it mean?, as a man, how does your career benefit to your family, children, and also to your personal , whats it mean. Would like to here from you

I lkes to speaks with the peaple that has experience in lfe. Because the Xhosa says "Inyathi Ibuzwa Kwaba phambili"

This proverbs means that: A knowledge is inherited to those who are a head, or "A direction of the road is asked to those who has travelled already to it" thanks: Sydney

16 November 2013 23:31

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