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Purpose of this site:

  • Connect@nmmu is a site for the staff and students at NMMU to interact and showcase to the world their research, publications, CVs and portfolios by creating personal profiles, blogs, forums and interest groups. NMMU clubs and societies may also use this site to highlight their activities.
  • Although the tone of this site is casual, all content entered and displayed must be relevant to NMMU.

Use of this site is subject to the following policies:

With reference to the above policies, we stress certain points:

  • Web content and links from NMMU websites must be related to the purposes and objectives of the University. Content posted may not promote ideas that are contrary to the mission, vision, values and policies of NMMU and shall not in any way embarrass or bring the University into disrepute (e.g by containing offensive, sexist or racist messages).
  • The website shall not be used for advertisements of commercial products, enterprises or services, unless they are NMMU-related.
  • Only logos of sponsors of official NMMU programmes may be permitted on web pages.
  • You may not submit content that you don’t have the right to submit (including but not limited to material covered by someone else’s copyright, patent, trade secret, privacy policy, publicity policy, or any other proprietary right.

We expect you to respect other people's rights by:

  • Not posting content or taking any action that violates or infringes someone else's rights or otherwise infringes the laws of South Africa. We can remove any content you post if we believe that it violates these terms of use.
  • Not soliciting login information or accessing an account belonging to someone else.
  • Not bullying, intimidating, or harassing any user.

User content

  • We are not responsible for user content and do not necessarily endorse or support users’ opinions or comments. Users are solely responsible for the content they post, and NMMU cannot be held liable for any infringements a user may commit.
  • NMMU may not be held responsible or liable for the accuracy, timing or reliability of any information or statements made by users on this site.


  • Only users who have an official NMMU network account can log into this website and create and maintain a profile (and associated pages).
  • You may only have one personal profile, even if you have more than one network account (for example, a staff member who also has a student account).
  • Profiles and groups that have shown no activity for a period of 3 years will be deactivated (as determined by the last posting date). Profile owners or group administrators will be informed via their e-mail address that is listed under their profile and if no response is forthcoming regarding further retention of the content within the following 3 months, it will be permanently deleted. This includes any blogs, forums, personal pages and media libraries associated with the user or group. This deletion is permanent and no backups will be kept.
  • The CIO of NMMU may, at his discretion, and without recourse, revoke any or all services related to this site.
  • NMMU will take all reasonable care with regard to the security of the site, but cannot be held liable for any security breaches beyond its control.

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