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Each and every one of us has a unique history — a set of beginnings and endings, of stories and accomplishments - that made us who we are today. History tells us that the past dictates the future, and as a Society, we are no different. Since its inception more than 30 years ago, Golden Key has been synonymous with excellence. The world's largest honor society, and the only one to be based on a foundation of Academics, Leadership and Service, Golden Key was founded 29 November 1977, at Georgia State University in Atlanta.  Originally established as Golden Key National Honor Society, the name was later changed to reflect an international presence. And just as the name evolved, so did the Society. Since 1977 we have recognized more than 10 million undergraduate and graduate students and awarded more than $8 million in scholarships and grants. With over 390 chapters in eight countries, and a new focus on the three pillars, Golden Key continues to grow, while helping our members realize their potential

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Charmaine Makoni
Race Relations Talk shop: A Comparison Between RSA and USA

Gerald Chikosi, The NMMU Golden Key president and Ephraim, the President of the ISA welcomed the guests and played a short clip of “Cry the Beloved Country”. Kelly Reynolds and Tariro Anifasi (GK executive members) then facilitated the discussion between the students. It was interesting to note that although the USA appears to be far more developed than SA, they have many of the same race issues that South Africans do. This proves that race relations need to be worked on across all cultures and all countries.

The talk shop was successful in providing a comfortable platform from which all students could talk about race. Race relations can be a very sensitive topic, and the Golden Key was successful in maintain a caring, non-confrontational environment which lead to personal growth, as well as self- and social awareness.
19 June 2012 10:15:04

Charmaine Makoni
Campus Life Festival

The campus life festival is a day full of festivities at the university. It gives the First year students a platform to do formations within their residences and gives all societies a chance to set up stalls to showcase themselves to students. We arrived early to set up our stall and some of us wore our famous Golden Key t-shirts. We also had some lollipops, decorations and pamphlets in order to attract people. A few Golden Key non- Executive members were there and helped us. It was a day of joy, cheering and singing.
19 June 2012 10:13:30

Charmaine Makoni
Nobel Peace Prize Video Blog

The GK NMMU Chapter conducted to do a video recording as part of its contribution towards the Annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum. This video was to be uploaded on the ANPPF Blog We approached any student willing to take part in the interview; there was no specific criterion that we used. The best time and place to get a lot of students is lunch time and at the Kraal. Students were having lunch, some playing music and simply chatting among their circles. We thought this to be the perfect time. We randomly approached any student and asked them, if they thought that the fight by the laureates is still relevant today? And if they thought the price for peace was too high? The videos were for a blog post for the Annual Noble Peace Prize Forum. The students were very informed and agreed to the interviews, while one of the executive members recorded the video or asked the question
19 June 2012 10:13:02

Charmaine Makoni
Tsitsikamma Voluntary Service

Step up. Stand out. Make a difference. Make the world a better place. Serve your country. Give of yourself. Stand up for what you believe in. Inspire others. Make an impact.Throughout our lives, we’re bombarded with messages, pleading, commanding and motivating us to give back to our communities and the world at large.

This event was arranged by the International Office for the exchange students and golden key members volunteered to offer their service. This platform provided the GK members with the opportunity to show their leadership skills as they had to direct and command the programme. Outstanding competence was exhibited as everything went according to plan and the GK team managed to make the event a success.
19 June 2012 10:11:50

Charmaine Makoni
Umboniso Awareness Campaign

This was a day through which Golden Key could showcase its brand to prospective/potential students. The Executive was at hand to stipulate eligibility requirements to students. The benefits of joining the society were highlighted and lastly ways in which students can partner with Golden key and participate in outreach programmes was also focused on.
19 June 2012 10:09:36

Gerald Chikosi
You are all invited to come to the last GK NMMU Food for Thought session for the semester. The followin paraphernalia apply-

Topic: Bullying and Racism on Social Networks

This session aims at providing a platform for students to share ideas and thoughts and discuss current issues affecting our generation. In particular, this session aims at exploring the 21st Century trends with regards to cyber bullying particularly racism.

Date: 31 May 2012
Time: 1200 - 1300
Venue: Bio kinetics - South Campus Room 11 00 05

Invited to Chair this talk is CANRAD Director, Mr Allan Zinn. The food for thought session will also feature the School of Language, Media and Culture’s Social Media expert, Ms Adelina Mbinjama.

For further information, please contact Golden Key President, Mr Gerald Chikosi:
29 May 2012 20:17:26

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