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NMMU International Law Students Association

ILSA NMMU Chapter is an organisation which focuses on international law, as well instilling a mooting culture at NMMU.

ILSA will be hosting various workshops throughout the year, which is aimed at streamlining oral advocacy, written advocacy as well as research skills.

ILSA will be hosting an international law moot in the 3rd term and will be assisting in the training for All Africa, Jessup, Kovsies and Mock Trial teams, who will be representing the university.

ILSA will also be hosting written competitions, legal discussions with experts, as well as facilitating guest speakers to present on interesting topics.

Being a successful legal practitioner does not solely depend on academic ability, but also on practical application and social skills. We, as the ILSA 2014 executive, believe that the organisation provides students with such skills, which will enable students to hit the ground running after completing their studies.

ILSA also has an outreach portfolio and will be involved in helping those in need throughout the year in various outreach events.

ILSA will be working with the LSS, BLA and faculty in serving and fulfilling students’ needs.


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