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NMMU Nursing Society (NNS)

The mission of the Society is:


2.1 To promote the values of the university which are responsibility, Ubuntu, diversity, environment, integrity and excellence.


2.2 To work together with other organisations to raise health awareness both off and on-campus e.g. blood services (SANBS), campus health etc.

In addition to the above the Society aims to:


2.3 build a relationship between lectures, students and other health faculties e.g. pharmacy and radiography, in order to better the lives of our students academically, professionally


2.4 strengthen the relationship between lectures and students


2.5 celebrate the national health calendar


2.6 offer our members new opportunities e.g. health talk with classes


2.7 Encourage exchange programmes for nurses in cancer care.


2.8 Provide a means of communication between health students and individuals already in the field of practice.


2.9 Establish links with other organisations that may influence the development of health education and promotion.


2.10 Do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the attainment of the said purpose.

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