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The NMMU 2020 Vision “[t]o be a dynamic African University, recognised for its leadership in generating cutting-edge knowledge for a sustainable future” and the NMMU Mission “[t]o offer a diverse range of quality educational opportunities that will make a critical and constructive contribution to regional, national and global sustainability” encompasses the research proposed in a NMMU eHealth Research Group.  The health, wellness and disease management in the South African society, in particular the communities in the region that NMMU serves, constitute a key component in ensuring sustainability.


Formal research and proper information are of the utmost importance to inform optimal health policy decisions.  The National Health Insurance (NHI) plan for South Africa will also require a strong research base to inform future decisions.  Health can, however, not be viewed fragmentarily.  In most, if not all instances, a multidisciplinary approach is needed, taking into account not only the traditional health care professions but a wider approach including various other aspects such as information communication technology, change management and human resource issues.


The School of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has a variety of skills to offer ranging from eHealth across the spectrum to Health Informatics to Information Security.  The School of ICT is uniquely positioned as it has created a Living Lab ecosystems with the primary focus on health care and food security.


The team currently involved in the above areas consists of the following persons:

-       Prof Darelle van Greunen (eHealth, M-health, Telemeds, User Experience, Living Lab) *

-       Prof Dalenca Pottas (Health Informatics)

-       Dr Nicky Mostert-Phipps (Health Informatics)

-       Dr Mariana Gerber (Information Security and Governance)

-       Ms Helen van de Haar (Biometrics for record management)

-       Ms Sue Petratos (ICT for disease management)

-       Ms Alida Veldsman (Change management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Telemeds, Living Lab)

-       Adjunct Prof Paula Kotze (Enterprise Architecture, Interoperability standards)*


* Note: C2 NRF rated researchers


The above group under the leadership of Prof van Greunen and Prof Pottas, currently supervise 18 PhDs and 15 masters candidates.  As a group they have graduated 28 PhDs and 40+ masters candidates.  Based on the research conducted by the bigger group, their number of publications increases on an annual basis.  

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